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We provide saws and replace the saw blades every year so they are always sharp.

Tree Carts

Tree carts are available to use to transport your tree. We now have over 60 carts.


We can shake the tree to remove loose needles, drill holes for pin stands, and bail the tree for easy transportation.

Retail Tree Lot

Pre-Cut Trees

Winterfarm also offers a retail lot of pre-cut trees of Fraser firs, Douglas firs, and Concolor firs.


We get multiple shipments of trees, and they are housed with water bowls, with pin stands, and covered under tents to guarantee freshness.


We carry 120 trees over 2 shipments.

Wreathes, Concessions, and More

Made-to-Order Wreathes

Winterfarm offers custom decorated wreathes made-to-order. We have amassed over 100 of beautiful ribbons, and natural add-ons, and look forward to your requests. We sell a wide variety of wreath sizes from 16” to 65” in Fraser, Boxwood, or a mix of Fraser/Boxwood/White Pine. Plain or pre-decorated wreathes available.

The Cocoa Stop

We serve hot chocolate, Hot dogs (regular and vegan), cupcakes and s'more kits all from our new concession building. We will be serving food all day! The bon fire will be burning all day to allow you to roast your marshmallows for your S'mores.

Sales Building

Inside our sales building we offer several types of stands, watering aids, tree trays, and tree removal bags. Seasonal candies will be available. All chocolates are made from the best Wilbur chocolate from Lititz Pa